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Just wonder how many people have this one and done/go-to pieces of jumpsuit during this summer. The jumpsuit is a year-round and care-free outfits. Grab one jumpsuit to either festive season or not and looks just as striking. The jkestore has one a little bit sexy, sweet and fashion when it comes to eveningwear solid dark blue jumpsuit – A Italia Women’s Jumpsuit.

5 tips on wearing a jumpsuit,

1)            Don’t wear anything too tight or too loose.

2)            Cinching your jumpsuit at the waist is a fantastic way to add some femininity look and give you that curvy look.

3)            Add a blazer to give it your personality.

4)            Wide leg jumpsuits can overpower a small frame so make sure you’re pairing it with skinny heels.

5)            A solid color jumpsuit is elongating since it’s one unbroken vertical line the eye moves easily up and down without interruption.

6)            A jumpsuit can easily be dressed up for a formal event and to fit the party.

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