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Why is so important to have one of these security cameras installed at home? As security camera technology becomes more advanced, the internal components also become more sensitive to dirt, water, and fluctuations in temperature.

  • Watching security video in real time helps you spot suspicious activity as it happens, increasing response time and decreasing crimes and other activities.
  • Cameras can also catch thieves, vandals, and bullies in the act, allowing the school and police to positively identify all parties involved and see exactly what happened.
  • Monitoring around the clock so you don’t miss a single detail for all visitors while in the building, and leave once when their visit is complete.
  • Motion detection recording can be triggered by swaying trees, passing traffic, and sharp shadows, but your system can be configured to ignore specific areas of the camera’s field of view and the trigger’s sensitivity can be adjusted as well.

This security camera system feature is peace of mind in your pocket. At any time of day or night, you can check in on your family, make sure your employees are working, double check that you turned off the lights before you went on vacation, or adjust your recording schedule for an upcoming holiday.

Security system has the five features below, your home or business will be sitting pretty with a well-rounded, efficient system.

  • Night Vision Recording
  • Weatherproof Camera Housings
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • H.264 Video Compression
  • Remote Access via Smartphone / Tablet

Here is a common mistake that are made frequently and could be prevented with more attention and testing- Here is a common mistake that are made frequently and could be prevented with more attention and testing.

You should always make sure that your recording time and associated disk space match up so you can record the absolute maximum amount of video before the space is recycled. If you can’t record more than a few days of video, you may want to add additional hard drives or adjust the resolution and FPS, which we’ll talk about next, to accommodate longer recording periods.

Remember, if you don’t have the video because it was recorded over, you can’t catch the thief, but if the video is too low resolution and the frames per second is too low, the video will be of no use anyway. This is where investing in a high resolution, high FPS, high capacity DVR one time can save you all that heartache when something happens.

Security Camera w/Smartphone Access

if you've ever worried that a security system was too complicated, or that security guards were too expensive, we have well select products for your need.

Digital Security wireless camera Night Vision


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