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Women handbags with a different brand

The modern women’s handbag is truly an awesome accessory. It has place to carry essential items and at the same time is designed to make a woman look great. The only problem is that it is not always easy to find the perfect handbag. This is because some handbags are not ergonomic while others are not the most functional. The funny thing is that many a handbag that does not look very pretty is actually very functional. So, you need to pick and choose your handbag very carefully.


It should not surprise you to learn that women own dozens of handbags and will shop for a new one once in every 90 days. Handbags cost a small fortune, which is why it pays to choose them wisely.


Decide what you want to use your handbag for

When shopping for a woman’s handbag the first thing you need to do is decide what it will be used for. An everyday bag is different than one that is to be worn on a special occasion. Secondly, when choosing the handbag makes sure that it suits your body type. Also, make sure that shape of your handbag contrasts with your body type.

Display your status and sense of fashion

The modern day women’s handbags have become very unique. They symbolize a woman’s status and sense of fashion. They also display to the world that she earns a lot of money. From being a person that was largely responsible for domestic work, the modern woman has become transformed and is today much more independent. Today, she is able to shop for luxurious handbags that are made by famous designers. The dream of every woman is to own a Gucci, Coach or Michael Kors handbag.

At the same time, the handbag industry too has been flourishing. The modern handbag is designed to do more than accommodate a woman’s possessions. It actually represents a private aspect of the modern woman. Without a handbag, women tend to feel quite naked. Ideally, the handbag should balance out a woman’s figure.

What women don’t like about their handbags

Women find a few things about handbags to be very dislikable. For example, they dislike handbags that have too many compartments in them. They also dislike handbags that are unreasonably heavy. If the straps are not of a good quality then that handbag becomes quite dislikable. Also, women dislike handbags that are made from low quality materials.

What women like about their handbags

There are several things that women like about their handbags. For example, women like handbags that have consistent stitching and seaming throughout. They also like handbags with quality zippers and assorted hardware. And, the fewer the seams and parts there are on a handbag the more likeable it becomes. Finally, women love handbags that have little touches that indicate that the handbag is of a high quality. Small things like handbags with feet at the bottom make a handbag more likeable. Such a feature ensures that the handbag does not get dirty when placed anywhere. Nice zipper pulls and key fobs inside the handbag are other features that make a handbag more likeable.


The bottom line is that women’s handbags is the beauty and a source of pleasure for woman. It therefore makes sense to spend more money to buy a quality item that lasts for a long time.

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